Why Use a Professional Photographer?


  • Home Selling Often Begins on the Internet – Home buyers often first find homes they want to look at on the web. With hundreds of choices in their price range, buyers are able to eliminate possibilities from a single exterior property photo.
  • Few Real Estate Agents Have Necessary Equipment or Skills to Produce Quality Real Estate Photographs – It takes more than a point-and-shoot camera or smartphone to create appealing property photos. It requires an experienced eye for composition, a quality wide-angle lens and camera body, photo editing software and the skills to use them.
  • Professional Photography is Inexpensive – Using a professional photographer has a big payback in the overall marketing program for your properties.
  • Real Estate Photography is Key to Marketing Homes – Independent studies statistically confirm that properties utilizing professional photography in their marketing sell faster and command higher sales prices.
  • Professional Photography in a Depressed Housing Market – When home prices are down and properties on the market are up, quality photographs are even more important. Professional photographs brings attention to properties in a crowded market.
  • Listing Agents Compete for Sellers – Home sellers frequently choose agents based on how successful they have been selling other homes in their neighborhood. High-quality marketing photography is noticed by neighbors and will bring more listings in that neighborhood. Home sellers are quick to see the benefits of quality images and want it used for their home.
  • Your Time is Valuable – A typical professional photo shoot takes from one-and-a-half to two hours. Processing and editing photos after the shoot can take as much as another four to six hours. As a real estate agent, that is time that could be better used acquiring, promoting and closing listings.